Short and FAST trainer workout!

Its still COLD outside nearly in every city in the country. While as a coach, in December (offseason) I do recommend that you are doing primarily aerobic workouts. If you are looking to change things up and get some speed. Here is a simple yet effective speed workout! 

Warm up: 
10:00 of easy spinning (include 4x30 seconds of high cadence pedaling) 

Main Set: 
4x5:00 Moderate/Hard pace - Try to keep these even powered throughout. Comfortably hard. If you use heart rate, this is right above your AEROBIC target zone. So breathing hard but not so hard you cant finish the set. Take about 1:00 of easy spinning between the sets. 
5:00 EASY spinning 
5x1:00 HARD (trying to get your heart rate past lactate threshold) 30seconds between intervals. 
5x30 seconds HARDER (as hard as you can go). Try to achieve at least 95% of your max heart rate on these. Take 30seconds to 1:00 between intervals. 

Cool down with 5-10 of EASY pedaling. Don't just get off the bike with out cooling down! 


Again, we don't recommend you do workouts where you go to an anaerobic state more than once a week especially in the off season while you should be just gradually building back up, every now and again its ok to mix it up. 


Paul Duncan Jr.
Triathlete-Coach-Loyal Friend 

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