Swim Workout of the week

Looking for a simple yet effective swim workout? Here is a good one. This is a good set if you are alone, its easy to track how far you have gone and it breaks it up. 

Warm up (800) 
400 Easy Freestyle 
2x100 Kick 
4x50 Pull Buoy 

Main Set (1000 repeat cycle for desired amount of meters) 
400 PULL with paddles 
300 PULL with no paddles 
200 Freestyle 
100 kick 

Cool Down 
4x50 Super Easy 

If you only do the main set one time through, that will give you 2000 yards/meters. Repeat the main set as many times through as you want. Example: If you want a total of 5000 yards, do the main set 3 times through. 

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Paul Duncan Jr 
Triathlete - Coach - Loyal Friend