First Triathlon? Overwhelmed? Here's what you need!

If you are just starting out... you'll most likely be doing a shorter distance triathlon (at least thats the smart way to do it. 

Don't worry about your finish time, just have fun the first go around, then beat your time next time. 

What you need! 

1. Swimsuit: Any swimsuit will work. Preferably not board shorts, or anything baggy. 

2. Goggles: Any swim goggles work. The Speedo Vanquisher is inexpensive and reliable! 

3. Swim Cap: Usually provided by the race.

4. Towel: Only if you wanna dry off before getting on the bike. 

5. Bike: You don't need a fancy bike for your first triathlon. Even a mountain bike will do. 

6. Helmet: Cant race without a helmet. HERE is a good and inexpensive starter helmet. 

7. Water Bottle

8. Shirt: In most races you have to have a shirt on. You could wear a cycling jersey, or even a t-shirt. Eventually you will buy a triathlon specific jersey, but don't worry about that for now. 

9. Running Shoes: Wear a pair that you are comfortable running in, simple. 


  • Pedals, and bike shoes. Translates into more power on the bike. 
  • Sunglasses: Keeps the wind out of your eyes on the bike, and makes the run more comfortable when you don't have to squint in the sun.
  • Bike shorts or "triathlon shorts" 
  • Socks: NOT cotton

The most important thing is that you are comfortable! 

Don't forget to get a good training plan, building up to your first race. The better prepared  you are, the more fun you will have. 


Paul L Duncan Jr. 
Triathlete-Coach-Loyal Friend