10 bad training/racing habits - by coach Paul

Here are some common problems people make, and some ideas on how to fix them :-) 


  1. Traning too much, too soon, too hard! Whether you are coming back from an injury or just getting started, start slow. Use the 10% rule while attempting to build volume. 

  2. Eating like crap after training - Just because you go on a 2-3 hour ride, doesn't mean you get a free for all and can just eat anything. Your performance will suffer. 

  3. Neglecting your core - You don't need to do a ton, but try to get in 2-3 mini core sessions a week. 

  4. Neglecting sunscreen - We aren't teeny boppers anymore, laying in the sun all day with no SPF isn't good for you, put it on. 

  5. Starting races too fast - Pace yourself. Start slower than you think you should. The longer the race, the more this applies. 

  6. Not Sleeping Enough - I always hear people saying, "I'm fine on 4 hours". Really? No you aren't. Sleep more. 

  7. Not Resting - Dude. Rest, I don't care who you are, rest you need it. If your coach schedules you a rest day. Take the rest day. If your coach says go EASY, go EASY. 

  8. Not having a coach - You need a coach. 

  9. Not listening to your coach - Why hire a coach if you aren't going to listen? Thats pretty dumb. Common sense. 

  10. Trying to fix everything at once. - You learn cant fix your swim stroke, lose weight, get more power on the bike, and learn run like a cheetah all at once. Pic on simple things to work on and go from there. 

Avoid these simple mistakes, or try to, and you'll be much better off. 


Paul L Duncan Jr. 
Triathlete-Coach-Loyal Friend

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