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Outstrip Endurance is Proud to Partner with Honibe® for 2014. We are super excited about this as our favorite "sports drink" is honey and sea salt! 

We recently had a chat with lead Marketing Manager about Honibe®! 




How can honey be a benefit to endurance athletes?

Honey is a 100% natural source of energy, mainly composed of fructose and glucoseHoney does not contain any artificial gelling ingredients, is highly nutritious, and is an easy-to-digest fuel that is rapidly absorbed for energy use.


How can a triathlete use your product?

Honey can be used exactly like a standard carbohydrate gel or a standard sports drink. Fill up a flask mixed to your desired consistency, or add honey and a pinch of salt to your water bottles. 


How does using honey as fuel compare to using a standard gel or sports drink?

They act very similar, but honey is 100% natural, and in most cases in a much more simple form of carbohydrate which means, it can be absorbed more easily and quickly.



How much honey should I use during my training and racing?

This varies on the individual. Many athletes using honey get nearly 100% of their calories from honey while racing and training. This can vary from 200-600 calories an hour, maybe more. Always add a pinch of salt to ensure you are satisfying your electrolyte needs. 


What is the carbohydrate source in honey? 

The main composition of honey is fructose and glucose; two monosaccharides which can be absorbed very rapidly and effectively by the body to fuel your muscles. 

How many calories are in a typical serving size of honey?

One tablespoon has about 60 calories and about 17g of carbohydrate. 


How did the Honibe® idea come about?

One day in the late 90’s founder and CEO, John Rowe, was back packing in Whistler and always carried honey with him as a source of natural energy. He ended up tripping and falling on his back. The glass jar of honey he had taken with him shattered all over his clothes and his tent. He thought two things. 1. Oh my god I’m in bear country and 2. There has to be another way to carry honey around. John searched for pure, dried portable honey products and found out there were none. Thus, he created Honibe®.

Why is your product unique?

The line of Honibe® products are unique because they are world’s first innovations. They are the world’s first products made with 100% pure dried honey.

What are the products under the honibe line?

Under our Honibe – Pure Honey Joy® brand we offer innovative products like the Honey Drop®, the worlds first 100% pure, no mess, solid Honey To Go™! We also have Honey Delights® honey candies and suckers / lollipops, Honey Sprinkles™ granulated honey, and Honibe® Honey For Health™ products including: Honibe® Honey Vitamins™ with vitamin C and D, and Honey Lozenges™ with added menthol and eucalyptus for sore throat and nasal congestion relief.


Where do you source your honey?

100% locally from Prince Edward Island, Canada


What makes your lozenges superior to other honey lozenges?

Our Honey Lozenges are100% all natural and are made of 99% pure dried honey with 1% menthol and eucalyptus and contain all of raw honey’s natural properties. Other lozenges are only flavoured with honey and contain less than 5% real honey. 


What happened on Dragon's Den?

4 out of the 5 Dragons offered us a deal, we agreed to take a deal on the show, but later decided to venture out on our own. 


Did one of your products go to the International Space Station?

Yes! The Honey Drop® went to the International Space Station in December 2012 with Commander Chris Hadfield as a natural source of energy while they were completing their missions.


What does the future hold for Honibe®?

The future for us is to work with many different liquid products and dehydrate them into an all natural pure state, such as Maple Syrup, Agave, etc. We are also looking to expand our Honey4Health and Honey4Energy lines into vitamins, minerals and natural oils. 

Where can I find out more?


For more questions about endurance training and training with honey for fuel contact,  Coach Paul at 

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