Swim Workout of the Week! Strength and speed work.

As promised. Here is this weeks swim workout of the week! 

Looking to get some power and speed into your stroke? This is a great workout, provided you have been building a good solid foundation. Base training is crucial before adding in too much power and speed stuff. 

If you are looking for a 2800 yard swim, this is perfect. If you would like more, repeat the warm up times two or three. 

Warm Up:
2x100 EZ swim 
2x100 kick
4x75 (kick, drill, swim)by 25 
4x50 (Decend 1-4) 
4x25 (single arm drill, or drill of choice

Main set: 
300 straight Pull (focus on long smooth strokes) 
3x100swim (middle 50 is fast!) (1st 25 and last 25 is smooth and easy) 
200 Pull - long and smooth - focus on power 
2x100swim (fast, easy, fast, easy) by 25 
150 Pull - long and smooth - find power 
3x50swim (hard hard, fast turnover.) 

Cool down 
5x100 all easy - include back stroke or drill of choice 

Paul L Duncan Jr 
Triathlete-Coach-Loyal Friend 

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