A SIMPLE Guide to Purchasing Healthy Peanut Butter.

Below is the most simple guide to purchasing peanut butter. 

Follow these steps. 

1) Look at the ingredients list of the peanut butter of your choice. 
2) Ask yourself, does this list have more than THREE ingredients? (ideal is 2 or less) 

If the answer to #2 is NO. The peanut butter is most likely healthy. If the answer is YES. Then the peanut butter is shit, and you are wasting your time. 

An example of a good peanut butter is ADAMS Peanut butter. It contains peanuts and salt. That's it! You can even buy this at stores that specialize in bad food... Like Walmart. 

Look at the ingredients. Stay away from anything that has any added oils (especially hydrogenated oil). It will make you a slow triathlete, and eventually kill you.  Most versions you will see on the shelves are absolute garbage. The most popular of the unhealthy PB's would be the standard JIF or Plantars.  Be careful as well when you read the word "natural" on the front label. The word "natural" means NOTHING in the commercial food world. 

Any questions? 

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