Product Review - Bragg's Liquid Soy

I have known about the existence of Bragg's Soy Sauce for a while now, but I always just thought that was a food for the vegan crowd, which is definitely not my scene. 

Finally I decided to buy a bottle of the stuff, and did a little research, only to find that meat eaters and non meat eaters could benefit from the stuff equally. 


Protein: The main benefit for this stuff is the protein content (especially for our veggie only friends) 

Gluten Free - Personally, GF is not my style either, I love gluten but it is indeed gluten free. 

NON GMO - Again you may or not care about this, for me the jury is still out on this issue as well, but I think we all can agree, this is NOT a negative point. 

TASTES GOOD - It's a pretty amazing alternative to soy sauce indeed. As of recently I have been putting this on EVERYTHING that could ever taste good with salt or soy sauce. 

That's all about all I have to say on this stuff. Overall, if you haven't tried it, I think you need to. It's good stuff. I approve. 

Click here for the ingredients and/or more info. 


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