Try this bike SPEED workout!

For many Outstrip Athletes, (and other triathletes), your aerobic base is well on its way. 

It may be time to start diving into to some speed workouts. 

Here is a quick speed workout that will take a little under and hour! 
5-15:00 Minute warmup (very easy) 
4x15 second pickups with 10 seconds rest. 
2 minutes easy
6x4 minutes at about 90% max effort with rest of 2.5 minutes. 
4x1 minute AS HARD AS POSSIBLE- go for BROKE 15-20 seconds rest. 
Warm down 15+ minutes spinning easy.

Note: Coach Paul does not recommend doing a workout like this unless you have spent an ample amount of time developing your aerobic base. For more information on base building, contact us directly. 


Train Smarter, Race Harder 
Paul Duncan Jr. 
Triathlete-Coach-Loyal Friend