Top 8 Reasons you should race Pumpkinman! - By Coach Paul

As a Nevada, Colorado or Utah triathlete, you probably have heard of BBSC Endurance Sports. They specialize on putting on local, great, grassroots races. One of their races holds a warm spot on my heart, this race is Pumpkinman. I have done this race every year since I started this sport... And hope to continue! Through the years, I have made some of my closest friends through this race organization! 


Here are our top 8 reasons you should consider signing up for Pumpkinman on October 25th! 

1) Because they offer three distance choices (sprint, olympic, or half) 

2) Because the race directors actually care about YOUR experience! Michelle, Cedric, and the rest of the BBSC staff are guaranteed to go above and beyond to make sure your experience is a great one. From pre-race expo, all the way to the awards ceremony. 

3) Because the bike course is one of the most challenging coursing in America. The sprint is virtually entirely uphill. 

4) Because they have awesome race T-shirts and other swag! 

5) Because they have some of the coolest finisher medals in the business! 

6) Because BBSC gives back! (check out

7) Because you can get a discount by entering our discount code when you sign up! 

8) Because, in general, its just really really fun, and great for all ability levels. 

I can think of a million more reasons you should do this race, but I just think you should find out for yourself. If you haven't registered, they have a few entries in each distance left... Go to to sign up. Use code Outstrip10 for $10 off at checkout! 

USE code "Outstrip10" at checkout for $10. Click image to register! 

USE code "Outstrip10" at checkout for $10. Click image to register! 

If you've already signed up.. Please SHARE this post to spread the word.. The more people racing, the more FUN! See you there!  

Paul Duncan Jr. 
Triathlete-Coach-Loyal Friend 

PS - Outstrip Endurance is recruiting athletes for his 2015 coaching roster. Message coach Paul at or on Facebook for consideration!