Endurance Athlete Power Food - One Eyed Jack

As a kid. I lived with my dad. I got to visit my mom every other weekend.. One of my favorite things about going to her house, was that for breakfast, she would always make me a dish called "One Eyed Jacks". She called them GasHouser eggs, but I never understood why.. So more commonly they are One Eyed Jack, much easier to remember! 

Anyway. From the age of 21 until more recently, I forgot how amazing they are... Not to mention, great food for an endurance athlete! They have a great ratio of protein/carbs/fat. If you are one of those gluten free freaks, you can even use GF bread, but I dont recommend it... :-) Joking! My bread of choice is Dave's Killer Bread. 

These are ridiculously simple to make, and are delicious. Here is how I do them.. 

Step 1: "Grease" pan with some  coconut oil. 

Step 2: Cut a medium hole (small drinking glass size..)  in some bread.  Put the bread onto the hot pan. 

Step 3: Crack an egg into the hole. 

Step 4: Cook the egg like you would normally fry an egg on both sides. 

Thats it! You can season it however you like.. Before workouts I like to add maple syrup or honey.. If I am looking for a more savory option.. I add a slice of cheese and put salt and pepper on it! You can vary it however you see fit! 


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Paul L Duncan 
Triathlete-Coach-Loyal Friend

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