Swimming in the offseason - Guest post by ENEY JONES

 Swimming In The Offseason: 

Eney Jones is a swim coach based in Boulder, CO. She is the Mountain Mermaid. She was professional triathlete from 1983-1991, and was first out of the water in every Hawaii Ironman she competed in, all six of them! She has won masters championships in nearly every distance, and crushed the field at rough water swims all over the world. She is a great person, and a great friend of ours. Check out her guest post here about how to swim train in the off season! 


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"The weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful, and since we’ve go no place to go why don’t we pull and pull and pull." 

Many swim coaches try to make swimming hard.  They often yell “No equipment, no equipment, no equipment” they have test sets of 20 x 100’s; emphasize quantity over quality, and try to eliminate fun and variety whenever possible.

Guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way. You can be fun and fast. You can pull.


  • Increases tempo

  • Mimics race body position

  • Allow you a saline water  experience or wetsuit experience in a freshwater environment

  • Less stress on your body simulating higher strength to body weight ratio You are lighter when you pull

  • More stress on your body if you add paddles on put water in the EneyBuoy

The Eney Buoy ( allows for floatation, resistance and hydration. It is the best buoy out there. It is cleaner, more durable and allows you many training options. You can make training harder or easier.

The biggest mistake I see swimmers, coaches and triathletes make, is that they do pull “sets”.

Pulling should be alternated with swimming to “trick” or “teach”your body to have a high body position with little to no effort. You will have a faster tempo and have access to easy speed.

An example a workout is as follows:

400 warm up
4 x 75’s k/d/s
4 x 50’s non/ free free
4 x 25’s easy/ fast
100 easy
400 pull with fins to increase strength and heighten body awareness
4 x 100’s swim des 1-4
400 pull with paddles and the have bottom container of the Eney Buoy filled with water and the top empty. This will stretch the psoas muscle and work the lower abdomen .
3 x 100’s swim #1 first 25 fast, #2 second 50 fast, #3 last 25 fast
2 x 25’s swim with fins FAST
400 pull empty buoy increase tempo, find good rhythm.
2 x 100’s swim even split (same time on both
2 x 25’s  swim with fins FAST
400 pull with buoy between the ankles, working the abductors
1 x 100 swim for time
2 x 25’s swim FAST with fins
200 warm down

Happy training and when in doubt or are tired. Pull.