Swim Fast with the BLUESEVENTY HELIX - Coach Paul Duncan

Coach Paul wrote this quick review on the Blueseventy HELIX. Check it out. 

When it comes to triathlons, I am often asked questions about what gear I recommend for all levels of athlete.

For the swim: Your most important piece of gear is your wetsuit. The wetsuit will help you swim faster and keep you warm in cold water. There are many worthy wetsuits on the market, but I am reviewing the Blue Seventy HELIX. I’ve worn this suit for about a year now. Here is the lowdown.


We wont get into too many crazy specifics here, but some of the notable features are as follows.

  • VO2 Chest Panel:  allows the swimmer to breath more easily compared to other suits.
  • Honeycomb aqua feel: Arguably the most lightweight feeling suit on the market.
  • Body Fit Panels: Gender specific 3mm panels contoured to be a perfect fit for the torso and also buoyancy panels on the back legs to further help body position and speed.
  • Aqua seal:  Silicone cuffs stop extra water from getting into the suit.
  • Buoyancy:  Allows swimmer to be in the most optional swimming position
  • Flexibility:  supreme stretch to allow for range of motion.
  • Ultra thin arm material
  • Quick exit legs
  • Reverse zipper for further comfort.
  • One of the FASTEST suits available.

Potential Drawbacks:

  • Price: At around $800, this suit may be out of some people’s budget.If that is the case, I recommend something along the lines of the SPRINT by Blueseventy, or the Hurricane, by TYR.
  • If you have a larger upper body, this suit may be a bit tight around the shoulders. If that is the case, likely you will have trouble finding a full sleeved suit that works for you. I would recommend a sleeveless suit. Good sleeveless suits include the Reaction (Blueseventy), Vortex (Xterra), or Maverick (Roka).

Overall, I highly recommend the Helix for most triathletes with the exceptions listed above.

If you would like more information on Blueseventy products, visit here.

If you have any questions, feel free to visit my coaching website and shoot me a message.

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