Have you Tried Wrawps yet? Raw, Vegan Gluten Free Wraps!

We got a chance to try Wrawps. They are a delicious, fun, raw food wrap. They are a great alternative to other gluten free wraps. We are hooked. We got a the opportunity to have a quick Q&A about the products with the great people behind the scenes! Check it out! If you want to learn more after reading, check out their website!

How was Wrawp developed? 
WrawP Foods LLC was created by the brilliant mind of Elena Semenova. She created a product, after spending countless hours experimenting and researching different ways to bring an alternative to bread the menu for her family and friends. Well she was a success and created a raw vegan flatbread that in a multitude of flavors. She began selling at farmers market first and moved to the stores account after, manufacturing her product in her own apartment she started a business

Why Wrawp? What is it made of? What is it?
The name WrawP was created as a combination of 2 words, raw wrap. The idea behind wrawp is that its a nutritionally rich healthy alternative to bread.  from childhood people have been used to eating bread either in a  sandwiches or as a side item with their food. These habits are very hard to break but as the quality of the ingredients used to make our bread has become worse todays bread does not add any value to our health - so the idea for wrawp is to bring a product which is beneficial to our body as well as nutritionally rich. So I tried to come up with a solution that would solve this problem for me.  Wrawp is made with whole fruits and veggies and it is full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. we added some flax for Omega 3, as well as superfood herbs like turmeric, spirulina, ginger, cinnamon and more. We have different flavors with different herbs. All the benefits of all the ingredients is preserved with low temperature dehydration where  cells are not getting transformed and our body is benefiting from all the nutritional value. And now people can have the same sandwiches that they want but the difference is that the "bread" does have the nutritional benefits and we can feel good about it because they are putting in their body a natural, healthy fuel. "We are what we eat". Plus WrawP is filling and has a great taste. People still have the mindset that vegetarian food is tasteless - WrawP can prove the opposite. 

How is the Wrawp made? 
We are taking whole apples and zucchini and chopping them up. We don't puree so cells of the veggies still remain. we sheet the wrawps and we put it in a dehydrator at a very low temperature.. After dehydrating for almost 24 hours we take the product out and package it.  

Where do you get your ingredients?
We are always looking to source it from local farmers and as we have grown we started working with big farms that can supply us with best the quality organic produce.

What are the flavors available? 
Savory: Original (with oregano and turmeric), Spirulina (spirulina and turmeric), Spicy (turmeric and spicy after kick), Asian (no coconut with sesame and ginger), Smokey Heaven (for bbq lovers), Veggie Life(no fruits added) Sweet: Energizing Morning(cinnamon and raisin, not too sweet) and ChiaRawBerri (Strawberry/Banana, similar to fruit leather)  

Where can one find Wrawps? In Natural food Stores across the country like WholeFoods, Mothers Market and Vitamin Cottage and in small independent stores. We are also sold in the UK, Canada and Australia

Please check our store locator at for the nearest store to you. If you cant find in your local store - please request them to bring WrawP to those stores.