Why you should NOT avoid riding your indoor trainer!

To race well in when it's time to race... you need to build a base. A SOLID one! Winter trainer rides (all trainer rides for that matter!) are one of the secrets of many top cyclist and pros in the sport to develop this foundation. 

If you’re like most triathletes/cyclists you love triathlon for many reasons, but the biggest is being able to spend time outside, in the sun and see the world on two wheels. Not all of us live in an area that you can do this though. Even if you do, there is still a huge benefit to riding indoors vs outdoors. 

Building a base: It’s the most important time of year for anyone’s training program. In North America this lands during the winter months. So that means either getting fat and not riding, or getting on the trainer!  Riding inside provides the easiest way to dial in your heart-rate, power and effort level when you need it most. Going out on group rides and having NO specificity to your build-up is a recipe for disaster later in the season. Ever wonder why people you are smoking in January are smoking you in the spring? Yeah, they probably followed their plan. 

Like us, I’m sure most of you reading this dread riding indoors. I often question myself after 3+ hours of riding, what the $%&# am I doing?!  I look over at my wife and see her grinding away. This is insane! But we do it.  And it pays off.  

Look at the positives: 

  1. No need to carry spares, wallet, nutrition. 
  2. 100% guarantee that you will NOT get smashed by a car! 
  3. You can pause the workout anytime to fuel up 
  4. 100% guarantee that you will NOT get smashed by a car!
  5. Stay connected to Facebook and Twitter
  6. Use your own bathroom at any time instead of pooping in the bushes.
  7. 100% guarantee that you will NOT get smashed by a car!
  8. Allows you to get in a solid workout in a short amount of time (no need to suit up, stop for lights, find open roads)
  9. Control the workout thru power, HR, time
  10. you can catch up on Netflix and Amazon Prime. 
  11. It's 100% guaranteed you wont get smashed by a car. 

Indoor riding is a huge tool used by many top end athletes, it is no secret.  With the specificity that can be done, an athlete can tune in and get the work down without the ‘fluff’.  I don’t see a reason to drag out the unnecessary comments of the negatives of being on the trainer. Do it like it’s your job and you’ll see the results this summer.  It's a necessary evil but a good one! Sack up! 

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-Paul Duncan 
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