Angela (Duncan) Naeth gives thoughts post Oceanside 70.3

Angela Naeth ventured into Oceanside 70.3 this past weekend against a stacked field. After a solid swim, she managed to find her way into 2nd position by the end of the bike until she was dinged with a drafting penalty. 5:00 in the penalty tent put her out of contention for the win, but she managed to fight on for 5th place. 

I got a chance to ask her some questions about the race. Here we go. 



Tell us about your weekend in Oceanside. Fun times?  Yes! Anytime near an ocean is usually fun for me, especially when it's warm. Plus, my husband was around and we shared a condo with fellow Qt2 athletes Kait and Matt. We had some good food, time around the ocean, saw a spectacular sunset and of course, the race. 

What was your plan of attack going into the race? How did it unfold?  Plan of attack: go hard. :-) I managed to go by feel for most of the race and by that I mean go as hard as I can really. I had a solid swim, an OK bike (minus the 5 minute penalty) and good run. There's more in the tank and it's a fine line just how hard one can push in all three disciplines. It's an art really and my canvas is not perfected. I still have to work on grabbing those feet in the water, pushing to my capabilities on the bike and pushing thru that door on the run.  The gals were strong and it was a great race. 

Did you see any sharks? Sea Lions? Surfers?  Ah yes! The day before the race I was so stoked to go out and swim in the ocean. I saw the surfers, but unbeknownst to me, I was in their territory and they were going to show me just  that. I managed to get thru the wake and into nice water and played like a dolphin. When it was time to head back to shore, I figured I'd have some fun body surfing the waves. My delight turned into utter terror when a surfer jumped on his board and was directing himself right to me. I dove under water as the wave crashed and prayed I wasn't going to get hit and stayed down as long as I could. As soon I came up, another wave was crashing down and yet another surfer was headed in my direction. I've never been so scared for my life! This time, my cap and goggles flew off and I rose to the surface panicked. I managed to get clear but not until my husband had to yell at me and get me focused on going to shore. It's crazy how your mind goes when in panic mode! 

Prior to the race there were three sea lions at the swim start. My heart was jolted and I think it actually helped my swim! :-) 

You got a 5:00 penalty on the bike, why did you feel the need for cheating? What happened?  Haha. It was an unfortunate one. Mixed up with a few male pros and making a pass. I was the unlucky one with the call and if I could refute it I would! But it's a call I had to take and focus on getting to the Penalty tent as fast as I could. 

What's it like to sit in the penalty tent for 5 minutes? Are you allowed to pee while you are waiting?  5 minutes is a rough one in such a strong field. It sucks seeing your competitors come flying in on their bikes and heading out to run. Every minute seems like ten. The only advantage is that I was able to down some more fluids and nutrition that were on my bike. No peeing allowed. Lucky for me, I didn't have to go! 

Did you eat any snack cakes at the finish line? What about at the start line? Snack cakes? What are these snack cakes? Canadians don't have this in the repertoire of goodies. If I recall, I got a few tacos for you and some grapes for me! I had to head out for a 30minute run so another gel went in the belly! 

At the start line, nothing but the salt water I engulfed shortly thereafter!