IRONMAN TEXAS - Pre Race Questions with Angela Duncan Naeth

For those that didn't know, Angela has won more IRONMAN 70.3 races than we can count. As of recently, she is also an IRONMAN champion (IRONMAN Chattanooga). She is now on her road to the World Championships in Kona, but standing in her way is the North American Pro Championships in the Woodlands (Texas). A good showing will likely give her enough points to get a spot on the big island for the 1st time in her career, a win in Texas will guarantee that spot! 

Here are some of her thoughts on the race! 

Ironman Texas this weekend! Are you in town already?  Yes! I've been in town since April 27th! Loving it!

What other races have you done this season to build up to this one? How did they turn out?
I started the season in early March and have done three 70.3 races leading up to IMTX (70.3 Monterrey, 70.3 California and 70.3 Galveston). Disregarding a few mishaps (ill-conditions in Mexico and an unfortunate penalty in California), all three of these races were great to jump into with the training build for this race. Galveston is just a short drive from The Woodlands and so it was an easy race to head to with the plan of being in Texas three weeks prior to the Ironman.

Why did you choose IMTX? How does this race play into your goals for the rest of the year?
I chose IMTX for a number of reasons! 
1) Coach said so! - Listening to him (Jesse Kropelnicki) is always #1 priority these days.
2) Climate - I love heat and humidity. 2 big easy ones in Texas! 
3) North American Championships - IMTX has big points and a deep field of competitors. Best opportunity to race! 
4) Community - although I knew nothing about the city prior to now, OutRival Racing and QT2 have a solid crew of athletes in the area. Having a group of supportive people makes all the difference on race day! 
5) Texas! - I've only been to a few places in Texas and it's a big state to explore!

Overall IMTX is a solid points race for the professional circuit and great race toward qualifying for the IM World Championships.

Tell us a little about your race build up! How has your training been? Do you feel ready to roll? Training has never been better. This will be my 4th Ironman and I'm very, VERY eager to see how fast I can go! I'm twiddling my thumbs and the countdown is on.

Have you ridden the course? Tell us about it if so. How do you feel about the heat?
I've seen most of the course now and it's country roads. Coming from Vegas where we can get some good rollers, the roads here are quite flat. It'll be fast. If I had my say on race day conditions, I'd prefer hot hot hot with winds! So I'm feeling happy things are looking to be heating up for race day.

What's next after this? After this I'm headed to Redbull HQ for a Performance Camp to learn more on how I can improve as an athlete. We have a full week of testing and for me, a whole lot of eating and hanging out with the Redbull crew! From there I'll head back to Las Vegas and get back into the swing of things after some down time. We'll see what Coach has in store and create a plan for the remainder of the season.

Will you be using Redbull at IMTX? 
Most definitely! It's awesome that Redbull is now on course at all Ironman events! Now I don't have to remember to pack a few cans or have them in special needs. Everyone gets one at race packet pickup and there are a few designated Redbull handouts on the bike and run. For me, I use it pre-race (15-20 minutes before), half way on the bike I take a watered down version and on the run, I'll have it midway if I need the boost. The flavor is a treat and good change of pace from the other forms of liquid on course. Plus the fizz settles the stomach...  

What's your bike setup like? 
I'm one lucky gal in this area with awesome sponsors including: Scott Bikes, Shimano, Pro and Xlab. I ride a Scott Plasma5 with Dura-ace Di2 components and Shimano Pro c50 front and disc wheel. I use Xlab Gorilla and Torpedo bottle cages. For Texas, I'll be using a 54 big chain ring and an 11-25 on the back! 

What about your race kit? Any suggestions to keeping cool? My kit is custom from Pearl Izumi and it's damn near perfect for fit and comfort! I know they now make inline kits similar to what I'll be wearing and I couldn't ask for a better design. No chaffing is key on race day! I have to say my chamois is light so it's no diaper come run time, ha!  

As far as keeping cool, Pearl Izumi has some great materials they use and my kits design allows for great movement and ability to throw down some ice on my chest and shorts. Keeping your inner core cool is key! 

Any tips for those wanting to do an Ironman who hasn't? 
I would highly recommend getting a coach, The time and effort it takes to do an Ironman is huge and having the right guy or gal that can get you to your best on race day is key. Especially if you have a family and other commitments as it's a juggling act to reduce stress, train right and recover well. 


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Any shout outs? How can we follow you?
BIG shout out to my husband! He's a cutie if I say so myself. Plus, he asked me these questions. :-)

A big thanks to my home-stay here in The Woodlands, Shannon and David Pope and also a big thanks to my home-stay in Galvlston Hud and Sandra Hopkins! These two families have made my stay in Texas just awesome. Can't thank them enough! 

To the OutrivalRacing Team here in the Woodlands, who is now partnered with QT2 Systems. Thanks so much for the help these past couple of weeks and support! It's been fun! 

And of course to my sponsors and support team! Stoked to be part of the team and ready to roll this weekend! You can check them all out here: including Shimano, Scott, Redbull, Pearl Izumi, Blue Seventy, Standard Process, Xlab, and Fuelbelt to name a few! 

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