IRONMAN TEXAS - Pre Race Questions with Pro Triathlete - PEDRO GOMES

Pedro Gomes is a PRO Triathlete looking to hit the North American Pro Championships hard this weekend in hopes to eventually achieve a spot on the start line in Kona. A win in Texas would guarantee that. 

For those that don't know Pedro, he is a top tier triathlete with many notable performances to include 3rd place overall at IRONMAN Wisconsin, and 1st at LIFETIME SOMA (Half IM) in 2014. Along with many other notable performances as well (shown below). 

Ironman Texas this weekend! Are you in town already? : Not yet. I'm actually getting ready to board a plane to Seattle where I'm visiting Vision/FSA headquarters. Very excited for that. I'll get to Texas Thursday night.

What other races have you done this season to build up to this one? How did they turn out? : I raced Texas 70.3 and Wildflower. I can't say either went well as I was led off the course on the run in Galveston and performed poorly at Wildflower. Although my focus was always IMTX, its always frustrating when you are weeks, months in a row putting time on the saddle and on the pool and that doesn't reflect on a race. But sometimes is just the way it goes.

Why did you choose IMTX? How does this race play into your goals for the rest of the year? : I've raced IMTX for 4 times already. I never had a good race so it is about time to break the curse and face my demons. I also knew it would be a very competitive field and I like to race the best. The race itself is a so-called A race for me on this points chase journey to Kona. I'm scheduled to race IM Coeur dAlene 6 weeks afterwards and between this two races I hope I have enough points to just focus on Kona the rest of the year.

Tell us a little about your race build up! How has your training been? Do you feel ready to roll?: Again, the first 70.3 races of the season were a bit disappointing. Which came as a true surprised as I had a very solid winter without any major setbacks or injuries. I didn't start to train until January so I come to this race still fresh. The ready to roll part - well, yes. Ready to get it done with my first IM of the season!

Have you ridden the course? Tell us about it if so. How do you feel about the heat?: Being based in Phoenix, the heat shouldn't be a problem although our weather here is much more dry. In Texas I expect nothing but a grueling hot day and I'm sure that can benefit me. The course is deceivingly hard as you can easily over do some of the rolling hills and burn way too many matches on the bike course just to pay for it on the marathon. I always remember the final 10 miles of the bike course as being hard - you are in The Woodlands, zigue zaguing thru the hoods and they take forever to go by. Its always a huge relief to see T2.

What's next after this? : I'll jump into a light week and have some interesting races to look forward to. First the Deuces Triathlon Festival in Show Low, AZ, and then Boulder 70.3 in June. Obviously all these preparing for the second big hit of the year at IM Coeur D Alene.