IRONMAN TEXAS AG Athlete Spotlight - Tim Perkin

Tim Perkin is another Team Every Man Jack Member getting ready to tackle his first triathlon of the year. After scoring a spot to the big island last year, he is hoping to tackle this one again with the same strength. 

Ironman Texas this weekend! Are you in town already? : Sort of - in San Antonio right now staying with a friend to acclimate.

What other races have you done this season to build up to this one? How did they turn out? : I've done a few running races, but this will be número uno in terms of triathlon. I like to focus 100% on this build and preparation with no distractions.

Why did you choose IMTX? How does this race play into your goals for the rest of the year? : I did the race last year and qualified for Kona. Everything about the race was great and I decided to go for it again this year. Also my best friend wanted to do it for his first so there were lots of reasons.

Tell us a little about your race build up! How has your training been? Do you feel ready to roll?: Training of late has been really good. I dealt with some sickness early on at the start back in February, which delayed things a bit, but I've been able to put in some really good work the past 2 months and feel ready to roll.

Have you ridden the course? Tell us about it if so. How do you feel about the heat?: Having done this course already I really enjoyed the whole thing. The swim was great ending in the canal, the one loop rolling bike is FAST, and the 3 loop run is super spectator friendly. My last 2 races have been in heat and I feel like I've figured out the preparation for it, so I enjoy and look forward to it!

What's next after this? : Eagleman 70.3 is next, where I'll race alongside my girlfriend for the first time. After that a little break and then Olympic Age Group Nationals and Worlds.