PRO Athlete Spotlight - Chad Holderbaum - IRONMAN TEXAS

Chad is a professional triathlete and coach for Project 942 Racing Team. Check out what he has to say about the race this weekend. 

Ironman Texas this weekend! Are you in town already? : I've been training in Austin since mid April and will drive over to The Woodlands on Tuesday pre-race.

What other races have you done this season to build up to this one? How did they turn out? : Unfortunately I've had a bad run of injuries so far including a bike crash on April 23rd that has kept me sidelined.

Why did you choose IMTX? How does this race play into your goals for the rest of the year? : It's a great early season race with awesome competition and it gives me a chance to see how I'm stacking up in the field. With the crash, I'm not sure if the run is there so this will probably turn into a build race for the rest of the year with my targets on August through September racing.

Tell us a little about your race build up! How has your training been? Do you feel ready to roll?: With the crash and the inability to get in a good run block, I've been logging a lot of miles on the bike and in the pool so feel ready for at least 2/3rds of the race.

Have you ridden the course? Tell us about it if so. How do you feel about the heat?: Yeah absolutely! I came down to preview the course and support a great fundraiser for fellow pro triathlete Amy Marsh. It's a flat and fast course and hopefully living in Austin the past 5-6 weeks, the heat will not be a problem for me.

What's next after this? : Well the goal was to focus on Challenge Family events but if you stay up on triathlon news, you'll know how that fell through so I'm sort of scrambling to put my race schedule back together for the rest of the year. I'm leaning towards a couple June/July 70.3s and a couple late season fulls like Chattanooga and/or Arizona.