PRO Athlete Spotlight - Matt Curbeau - Ironman Texas

Matt is an East Coast living pro triathlete. In addition to trying to make his presence know as a pro triathlete, he is also a full time coach for QT2 Systems. Matt is super pumped about racing in Texas, and going long this coming weekend. 

Ironman Texas this weekend! Are you in town already? : Yup, I have been living large in Texas since the end of April. Even had some crawfish last weekend!

What other races have you done this season to build up to this one? How did they turn out? : The year began with the California 70.3 out in Oceanside, CA and then the Texas 70.3 in Galveston a couple weeks back. Both races went really smoothly. The time I have spent in the pool over the past few years is starting to show through in my race times and really allowing for me to be in the game heading out on the bike legs. I'm really looking forward to getting down to business on Saturday and truly showing off all the hard work I've put in, not only over the last few months but the last few years. It's time to make things happen.

Why did you choose IMTX? How does this race play into your goals for the rest of the year? : As the first big North American Ironman it was a no brainer. I wrapped up 2014 in Chattanooga way back in September so I've had a pretty long time to take my offseason and then resume training for my assault on 2015. After IMTX I will most likely take a bit of time to recover, celebrate my birthday and then resume the second half of my 2015 season which will most likely end with another late season Ironman.

Tell us a little about your race build up! How has your training been? Do you feel ready to roll?: The build has really been as smooth as it could be. Living in Boston the weather is less than ideal during the winter months. Luckily my girlfriend and I were able to ditch the snowdrifts and head down to Clermont, Florida for about a month of training with our fellow QT2 Pro Athletes. After camp broke at the beginning of March we survived about 11 days up North before we ditched the cold weather for the sunny skies of San Diego. We were able to put in a couple solid weeks of training and end it with the race at Oceanside. Since the west coast trip, we polished up our big weeks of training in Boston, where thankfully Spring decided to show up. Then finally we headed to Texas for the Texas 70.3 and have been fortunate enough to stay down here since that race and get some acclimation in Texas over the last few weeks before the big day on May 16th.

Have you ridden the course? Tell us about it if so. How do you feel about the heat?: I've ridden just about the whole course save for the parts in and around the Woodlands. It looks like the first half is going to be pretty quick based on the typical wind pattern lending to a tailwind and the roads being nice and smooth (think people rolling 25-26mph pretty easily). The back half appears to turn into some chip seal, and that coupled with some headwind will slow things down a bit. Heat wise, I can't say I'm not hoping for a hot, humid and nasty day. I've trained in some really nasty conditions over the last week and I figure it can only help me deal with whatever is thrown at us on Saturday. I raced here last year when the conditions were called "mild and ideal" by the locals so I think its only fair I see how it is under "normal" May conditions.

What's next after this? : Pizza, a few Beers, Red Sox games, my 29th birthday, rest and then eventually falling in love with my road bike and doing some fun riding as I get back to obsessively exercising.

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