Cam Dye - Challenge Knoxville Champion, give thoughts on the race.

Cam Dye just had a stellar performance on a tough Knoxville course this weekend. Finishing Challenge Knoxville in 3:57:27. About 4 minutes of the 2nd place finisher, Chris Leiferman. 

Results: Top 6 PRO MEN
Cameron Dye (USA) 3:59:27
Chris Leiferman (USA) 4:03:59
Justin Metzler (USA) 4:05:24
Thomas Gerlach (USA) 4:06:00
Tony White (USA) 4:07:20
James Hadley (GBR) 4:08:51


Credit: Challenge Family 

Credit: Challenge Family 

Congrats on a great weekend! How are you feeling? : I'm feeling really good. Bit sore from the longer distance, not sure the body knew what was going on the last few miles on the run. Overall, really happy with the race. Had a great race strategy and nutrition plan going in, and was able to execute it well enough for a big win. Nice to be able to say that I have won a long course race now as well as the short stuff I have always focused on.

Tell us a little about how the race unfolded: The race went to plan almost from the beginning. I had decided I would swim hard the first 300m or so and see if anyone else wanted to lead the way. Since it was a non wetsuit swim, I was perfectly content to let someone else do the heavy lifting and me just sit and save my legs a bit. Once I got on the bike, I felt great. I was able to hit my power goals throughout, really focusing on putting out a bit more on the uphills, and because of the rain just being smart and cautious on the downhills. Watching a couple guys wipe out around me, solidified the idea that the race wasn't going to be won going full tilt on the technical downhills. Once I got on the run, I knew I had a solid lead and so I just focused on sticking to my nutrition plan, and pacing evenly throughout. In the past I have really struggled on the back half of the longer races, so the goal was to go out smart on the first half, and then maintain on the second. I love racing in Knoxville and know a lot of people there from past races so once I hit the final hill and had the race in hand I really just tried to enjoy the finishline, and it was awesome that my wife was able to be there to watch it all go down.

Tell us about your fueling plan: Nutrition was my biggest issue in the past at the 70.3 distance so with the help of Robert from First Endurance, we crafted out a really specific plan that I was able to execute with no issues at all on race day. 

You can find the details of both my short course and long course nutrition at the link below, but basically the whole idea was to focus on getting in enough liquid to keep my stomach happy and utilize the calories that I was putting in. We decided to go with a mostly liquid diet, and having used that now, I think I will stick with that as much as possible in the future.

Do you feel like the weather played to your advantage?: Absolutely! I am a little bit bigger than most of the guys I am racing so anytime the temperature drops it is good for me. I also enjoy racing in the tough weather conditions so when it started to rain it became a perfect scenario for me, because I also tend to struggle in the heat.

What's next for you? : Next up I have Escape from Alcatraz in a few weeks and then the TriRock Philly race a few weeks after that. Its the time of year I love right now when I can hit a great race every 3-4 weeks.

How did this race play into your plan for the rest of the season? : It was a great test situation for the 70.3 distance. I was happy to be experimenting with the longer distance on a course I know well in a town I really like going to. Having done well in Knoxville certainly gives me a lot of confidence going forward to hit some more 70.3's this season and continue the transition up in distance.

Anything else you would like to add? : Gotta give a shout out to all my amazing sponsors and supporters that have helped in this transition to the longer distance, and a special thank you to my parents and my wife for always being so supportive of this triathlon dream and the ups and downs that go along with it.

Thanks Cam! 
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