Nutrition Talk with Angela Naeth

Angela just had a sweet victory at Timberman 70.3. She now looks ahead to the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii come October. I got the chance to ask a few questions about her day to day nutrition.

Timberman 70.3  Photo Credit: Super agent, Mike O'Neil 

Timberman 70.3
Photo Credit: Super agent, Mike O'Neil 

As a pro athlete, what sort of dietary restrictions do you face? How do you overcome nutritional gaps in your diet?

I wouldn’t say I have any dietary restrictions at all. I eat a variety of foods - both ‘good and bad’.  Food choices are exactly that - choices and I make the decision to eat healthy.  When training, I take in a number of sugar sources so out of those windows I stick to wholesome foods including - fruit, nuts/seeds, vegetables and lean meats. It’s quite simple really. 

With that said, I find that I don’t always check off the boxes for the right nutrition each day and take in a number of supplements to help support my diet and lifestyle. I use what I consider, the Gold Standard in nutrition supplements - Standard Process. I know what I’m putting in my mouth and their quality control is amazing. I had the privilege of checking out their facility a year ago. All food supplement nutrition. No extras. 

What is a typical day of eating for you?  A typical day consists of a quick breakfast before the first workout of the day. I tend to be a little lazy in the morning so I opt for something fast - some fruit and nut butter, a nutritional bar (I love Cocoa-Crisp bars by Standard Process) or a piece of wholegrain toast and butter. After the first workout it’s back at home for a few eggs, veggies, more fruit, and/or something similar. 

I then am out on the bike or running and use sports drink and fast carbs to help fuel the workout. It’s basically lunch on the go! After all workouts - I opt to have a blended shake with some quick carbs, and protein to help augment the recovery process. Dinner is typically some roasted veggies with salmon or a large salad with all the fixings! Dessert is thrown in as some dark chocolate! 

Are they any foods you avoid? I tend to avoid fried foods and pastries. I’m not a big fan of both! 

What are some of your favorite go-to snacks? I love fruit and often snack on frozen grapes. I love a quick blended shake and also love nut butter. I eat it out of the jar in the spoonfuls! 

If you had to choose 5 foods to eat everyday because of their nutrition, what would they be? Salmon, Spinach, blueberries, kale, and dark chocolate (that one’s mostly for the taste!)

Why is it important to give your body whole food nutrition? The key to any healthy body starts with what you feed it. If you’re not eating wholesome you can’t expect your body to meet the demands of hard training and to recover each day.  The same goes for supplements and it’s really the number one reason why Standard Process is a key component in my nutrition. 

What would you recommend to someone wanting to be more healthy and change their food choices?
Keep it simple! Choose items that are not processed and include protein in every meal. Always keep healthy snacks at a hands grab and keep the fridge stocked full of fresh veggies and fruit.