Why Indoor Riding Is Worth it - Guest Post by Rory Duckworth

This was originally posted on Rory Duckworth's Facebook page. He was kind enough to allow us to share it! Rory is a very talented Age Group triathlete. He has many impressive results. He recently had a 5:03 bike split at IRONMAN Lake Tahoe, one of the hardest courses in North America. Read his thoughts on indoor training below. 


Okay winter is approaching and I wanted to do a write up on my 10 favorite items for a "Pain cave", "Power House", "Kickr Lab" or what ever you want to call it. 

First... Why? Why would you want to train indoors and not outside? 

Weather. We all know you are manly and can run in negative degree weather. It doesn't make you less manly riding and running inside. It makes you smart! When we train, we want to create the perfect conditions. I don't believe in Heat acclamation or at least I don't believe EVERY ride or run needs to be with race conditions. Most rides should be as close to perfect and as comfortable as possible. We want to maximize our training session by having our body reach higher and harder limits. If you are always training in hot or cold conditions you can't reach your maximal effort. I'm not the only one on this bandwagon... Pro's will not limit oxygen during a workout but will add oxygen to get the most out of their bodies! Don't get me wrong, we DO need some rides and runs outside the comfort zone and prepare us for race conditions, but majority should be at perfect conditions.

Control. How many times when you ride or run outside you get stopped by something? Lights, cars, flat tires, other riders or runners? And how many times did your 2 hr ride turn into 3 hrs? When riding and running inside you have full control (most the time) over your surroundings. Odds are you will have a full ride and run with zero stops. You also have full control of your intensity if you have the proper equipment, like a power trainer or treadmill. If your workout calls for 3 X 3 min zone 5 intervals, you lock the equipment into that zone and it's an exact workout. When you are outside it's hard sometimes to gauge if you are going too hard or not hard enough. Odds are you are going way too hard, from my coaching experience working with the typical athlete. We all struggle here and think that the more "burn" means the more reward...What we don't know is the negative effects of overtraining and risk of injury... Lastly, I have never heard of anyone getting hit by a car working out in the basement or garage...Its scary out there on the roads when drivers just aren't paying attention... 

Fun. This will be a hard sell for most but I have been riding indoors for 6 years and can tell you, I do have fun inside! Okay.. yes my garage doesn't have the beauty of American Fork Canyon but it does have season 3 of the "Walking Dead". I don't watch TV or play videos games outside the times I ride inside. I am killing two birds with 1 stone! I get my workout in while catching up on TV or kicking my brothers' butts in Call of Duty. Also, time with the wifey! I hated fighting with my wife for the Wahoo Kickr so we bought two and now ride together. It's great bonding time! I don't drop her on rides inside and we can each get the workouts we need to get better, training at our own level. 

Okay, so those were 3 really great reasons to set yourself up a killer Kickr lab! Now here is what you need to MAXIMIZE it.

1) Wahoo Power Trainer: I have tried almost every power trainer on the market and hands down the only one to buy is the Wahoo Kickr. I need to write a whole other post for why but don't waste your money, buy a Kickr!! Contact me if you would like details on getting one.

2) Treadmill. I don't have nearly as much experience with this one. The 3 I have owned all worked great and some had features that were better than others but they all got the job done. I ran across this one that is a very good deal with Free shipping. I would advise to buy the warranties as this will save you the hassle if anything happens. ProForm Power 995i Treadmill

3) TV. Wall mounted Smart TV is a must. I have 2. VIZIO E40-C2 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED HDTV. Youtube and netflix will make your 4 hr ride feel like 2.

4) Fan. Don't skimp on this! This is how we make the best conditions for your ride and run. Get 2 or 3... you want and need them. We want your core temperature as low as possible to maximize the workout. I have this fan and love it!

5) Movable small table. To put all your nutrition, Kleenexes, TV or gaming controllers, phone, keyboard, and so on. Must have!

6) Riser Block.

7) Sweat Mat. No one needs or wants sweat on the ground or used gels. Be clean get a mat.

8) Xbox one. I play xbox one with my brothers and ride at 200+ watts. If you can do that, you can climb snow canyon. This is optional but super fun. It also has a blueray built in so this is how you can watch DVD's.

9) Speakers. The TV sound doesn't cut it when I need some serious motivation when I am doing zone 5 intervals or a FTP Test. You want Speakers!

10) Bluetooth Cadence and Heart rate monitor. We want to make sure we are training properly. We need to have the proper equipment. Cadence is extremely important. With a monitor you can open the doors to cadence workouts. Heart rate plus power is a great way to keep track of your current fitness/health. I use the heart rate to determine if I am sick, over trained, or even sleep deprived. Heart rate fluctuates and can vary based on these things so it is important to track! Your heart will tell you things critical to your training, you just need to listen to it. You'll want Bluetooth because it will communicate with your phone which also communicates with your Wahoo power trainer. Contact me if you would like details on getting one.

There are my top 10 items. I firmly believe that training indoors will take your results to the next level as long as you are training properly. Message me any questions and if you would like to come see my Kickr Lab, I would love to show you. 

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