Featured Athlete FORM

Where do you currently call home?
What division do you race in? IE - what Age Group? Pro? Athena? Clydesdale.
Give us a brief bio about yourself. Your background? Full time job? How did you get involved with triathlon? How long have you been in the sport? What do you do in your free time? Etc.. Just help us get to know you a little.
Tell us about the equipment you use. A good chance to plug sponsors here, etc if you wish. (this description will not be displayed.
Tell us about what you like to use for fueling for training, what about for racing? Do you have a pre workout go to food? During workout?
Tell us about your full time job.
Tell us as much as you can about your day to day training... How do you approach training on a daily basis, weekly basis, periodization? What's a typical training week look like for you? Tell us about your work/life/training balance? How do you manage the stress of training, etc.. Anything you would like to tell us is cool!
So this is where you should add any unique questions that you would think would be good for the interview. Just type the question, then reply to your own question, and I will edit it so that it works somewhere within the interview. Be creative if you are into it.