Military Fitness

Custom Military fitness programs: 

Looking to improve your military fitness score? Want to finally max that fitness test? Just looking to get into better shape? Let coach Paul with Outstrip Endurance Help! 

Your fitness test score in the military can mean the difference between getting promoted or not! Do not take this lightly!

Coach Paul spent 12 years in the Army and scored a 300+ on nearly every APFT. He spent a good portion of his career helping Soldiers develop a training plan that would guarantee their  success.

This program is 100% custom to the individual. So this is a great option for the new recruit getting ready for basic training, or the NCO that is struggling to achieve that desired result. We will build the program around your needs. 

Whats included? 

- Online Fitness Evaluation
- Fully customized/periodized 8-14 week training program
- 50% one on one local training sessions (if necessary) 
- Unlimited communication with Coach Paul for duration of program
- Basic Training Peaks account

Cost: $99.99 

To get started, follow these steps. 

1) Pay using the "PAY NOW" button provided below. 

2) Fill out the Military Fitness Consultation Form - click here. 

3) Create a FREE Basic Training Peaks account using THIS LINK. This will link your account with Coach Paul. Your training program will be loaded using this software. 

4) Coach Paul Duncan will be in contact with you within 24-48 hours to start your program. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions.