Outstrip Endurance is committed to helping athletes at all levels achieve their athletic goals. We have a couple options to help the athlete achieve those goals.

Full Service Coaching 

If you are looking to improve in your multisport experience, getting a custom training plan is a must!  We have coached athletes at all levels, and can help you achieve your personal goals. We’ll cater to your busy schedule and work with what time you have available!

Having a plan is necessary  to achieve full potential in our sport. A good coach will hold you accountable, and make sure you progress your training properly. 

Outstrip Endurance is committed to our full service athletes. We will do everything it takes to make you the best possible athlete you can become. Becoming an athlete with Outstrip Endurance is a long term relationship. We are dedicated to growing with our athletes long term. Minimum commitment is 6 months. 


One time set up Fee: 
$99.99 (monthly and quarterly options) 

Ongoing Pricing: 

 Pricing includes: 

- Initial one on one Consult
- Unlimited daily communication with your coach (as necessary) 
- Heart Rate and Threshold Testing
- Long term season planning
- Weekly or biweekly updated workouts
- Constant training feedback
- Nutrition/Fueling advice as necessary
- 50% off all 1 on 1 sessions (locals) 
- Potential Opportunity for training camps (discounted rate, where applicable) 

Pricing may be vary and/or be flexible depending on the needs of the athlete. 

If you are interested in Coaching Click HERE for fill out a NEW ATHLETE QUESTIONS FORM


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1 on 1 sessions: 

Outstrip Endurance Offers 1 on 1 training sessions as well. 

Services offered: 
1-on-1 swim sessions
1-on-1 cycling & running sessions
strength sessions
nutrition consultation 

 Click HERE to get more info. 



Military Fitness Test-custom fitness plan:

Need to pass or MAX  your military fitness test? 

Your fitness test score in the military can mean the difference between getting promoted or not! Do not take this lightly. 

Coach Paul spent 12 years in the Army and scored a 300+ on nearly every APFT. He spent a good portion of his career helping Soldiers develop a training plan that would guarantee their  success. He can help you as well. Click HERE for more information! 





Paul Duncan  - USA Triathlon certified coach - click photo to learn more about Coach Paul. 

Paul Duncan - USA Triathlon certified coach - click photo to learn more about Coach Paul. 

USA Cycling Coach  Danny Kam  - click to learn more about Coach Danny.    

USA Cycling Coach Danny Kam - click to learn more about Coach Danny.